Augmented Reality Print Media

Augmented reality is a new technology to make corporate print media more attractive and lively.Just by passing a mobile phone over a business card or any print media, the mobile screen will display a video or animated 3D object.

Authors can also use this technology to have their stories illustrated. When words are reinforced with illustrations, the story comes to life. For writers, it is often hard to find succinct, concise expressions for complex scenes. For readers, the problem is even harder. Readers must imagine the story in their mind’s eye, keep track of details and make changes to the images in their minds as the story progresses.

A picture tells more than a thousand words. A 3D model does even better. But what if you combine a three-dimensional model and its description? It gives the reader a sense the book is coming to life. Pop-up books engage readers visually and allow them to have a different physical experience with the book.

Augmented reality enhances the possibility to interact far more with books—adds new elements, new content and new activities. Readers become more engrossed in the book and, consequently, learn more.

Pop-up books have a glorious history—interactive from their first appearance. They have fans among children and adults, thus ensuring they will remain popular for many years. However, we are convinced that a combination of a smart device, an augmented reality app and a book will expand a reader’s experience and grant authors more artistic freedom because they are no longer limited to the restrictions of the printable space. This unique technology is only provided by DNA Media across UAE and Canada.

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